Welcome to learning English Malta.

The Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations Malta (FELTOM) has taken the lead in establishing quality assurance standards in the ELT industry on the Island.

Our objective is ‘to set, improve, and ensure the maintenance of standards in all aspects of English language stays in Malta, primarily in the academic content but also in those services which together constitute the infrastructure requisite of a language stay.'

There is something for everyone - from small family run schools, to large international school chains. Our members offer a wide variety of courses in their own unique setting. FELTOM schools are all accredited and provide quality English language courses in a friendly professional environment. About 75% of students choose a FELTOM member school when visiting Malta to improve their English language skills.




FELTOM member schools offer a wide variety of quality English Language courses to suit all requirements and levels. Students may benefit from a total immersion experience while learning English in Malta. You can put into practice what you learn in the classroom while enjoying the varied cultural and leisure activities Malta has to offer.




Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, the island of Malta is easily accessible by air and by sea. Over the centuries Malta has had many visitors who chose to benefit from the Islands' strategic position. In more recent times visitors have discovered Malta as a quality destination for learning English. In the last ten years the EFL industry in Malta has grown and matured at a rapid rate thus attracting international recognition and respect.